Duda Vs WordPress 2021 – Which Is Best Among The Two?

Duda Vs WordPress Review
Ease of Use

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In this post, I have shared an in-depth comparison between WordPress vs Duda, based on some factors like scalability, flexibility, ease of use, etc., to assist you in this matter.

Let’s give in.


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Pricing $19/month $4/month
Best for

Digital marketing agencies, hosting companies, online directories and all web professionals

Almost anyone needing a web presence.

  • Custom Themes
  • Responsive templates.
  • Site import capability.
  • Publish with Ease.
  • SEO Ready Tools
  • Plugins & Themes
  • Suitable for multilingual websites
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Creates a backup of your website
  • No coding required
  • W3C compliant and SEO friendly.
  • Highly Secured
  • No App Store
  • Customer Support is not so helpful.
Ease of Use

Duda is easier for first-time users and more intuitive. Its GUI is logical, so that novice web designers can grasp it.

Not the easiest to start for beginners. Offers blend of flexibility and customizable options. Full control to the users.

Value For Money

Duda has various pricing plans and a free trial which makes it a viable choice.

Simple and Affordable Plans with a great set of tools and plugins.

Customer Support

Duda has stellar customer support with numerous tutorials and video guides.

Customer support is not so special but the community and discussion forums are the thing.

Check out Check out

Duda and WordPress are both state-of-the-art website builders with lots of advanced features.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform that can be used by anyone. It provides a large marketplace of plugins from third-parties that you can easily integrate with your website.

Duda is not an open-source platform; you have to subscribe to its services for using its website builder.

Both platforms offer some great features and are widely used by people worldwide. So, it can be a strenuous situation for you to decide which website builder will work best.

Bottom Line: Duda is a leading online website builder and hosting platform. It offers various advanced features to build your websites and pages. Duda offers some highly efficient out-of-the-box features like content importing, a drag-and-drop editor that you will not get with WordPress. Check Out Duda now.

After going through this in-depth review, you will be able to decide which website builder platform is right for you.

So, let’s jump in and explore both platforms in some detail.

Overview of WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System developed using PHP and MySQL or MariaDB database. It is a free and open-source platform.

WordPress consists of a plugin architecture and has a template system, which is known as “Themes” inside WordPress.

wordpress vs duda- website builder


  • It is free and open-source; many big companies have trusted it.
  • Does not require much coding skills, i.e., beginner-friendly.
  • It is easy to add, edit, and modify the designs and content of your website.
  • It is W3C compliant and suitable for SEO.
  • Anyone can use it, from creating a simple blog page to creating complex eCommerce websites; it has all the capabilities.
  • It has a massive library of free and paid plugins and is highly scalable.


  • WordPress can be confusing and complicated for newbies, so you may require some free tutorials before starting with it.
  • For hosting your website, you require a server on WordPress.org
  • Choosing the right theme for building a responsive and elegant website can be tiring.

Overview of Duda:

Duda is a leading online website builder and hosting platform. It offers various advanced features to build your websites and pages.

It also provides several templates that are highly customizable. For using Duda, you need to become a subscriber of it. Duda is not available for free as it is not an open-source platform.

It can be used for building blogs, business websites, and online stores, etc.

wordpress vs duda


  • No requirement for installation and coding skills.
  • Easy maintenance and management.
  • It comes with a hosting service.
  • Offers features like team collaboration and client management
  • Comes with a drag-and-drop built-in page editor.


  • You have to pay for it to avail all its services.
  • It is not an open-source platform.
  • It has a limited number of templates compared to WordPress.
  • It is not for people who want full control of their server.

Now, let us compare WordPress and Duda on some of the key aspects and functionalities of a website builder.

Design Options and Templates of Duda & WordPress:


It provides over 130+ free templates and 180+ premium templates. These templates are easily customizable without any limitations, as it is open source and are known as themes in WordPress.

In its business plan, it also allows you to use templates from third-party vendors.


It provides you with more than 90 mobile-responsive templates.

These designs can be found according to different categories on Duda. It also offers blank templates if you want to design templates from scratch.

However, as Duda is a closed-source platform, the degree to which you can customize your templates is limited, depending on the tools it provides.


WordPress is clearly the winner here.

Controls and Customizations of Duda & WordPress:


Since you host WordPress on your server, you have full control over all the functionalities. You can completely customize its source code consisting of HTML, CSS, and any other programming language.

Thus, WordPress is an excellent alternative for developers who want every element of their site according to them.


Duda also offers you modifications in your content using HTML, and CSS offers tools to modify your template design.

However, your site’s content should be according to Duda’s terms and conditions; otherwise, your site can be taken down on the violation of their norms.


WordPress again wins this round.

Scalability of Duda & WordPress:

For the healthy growth of your business, scaling your website is essential. Both Duda and WordPress provide the functionality to expand your website with ease.


Duda gives you unlimited resources and bandwidth even on its Basic Plan, which means you don’t have to jump on a higher plan just because your website is growing.

However, Duda’s eCommerce facility is limited. If you want to sell more than ten products, you have to buy an eCommerce add-on for products.


The resources in WordPress are limited in lower-level plans.

For unlimited storage, you have to go for WordPress’s higher plans.

But if we compare the WordPress eCommerce feature with Duda, then it is more flexible.

Using its Business plan, you can sell products without any limit and add thousands of plugins without any extra cost.


There is a tie between Duda and WordPress in the case of scalability.

Ease of use of Duda & WordPress:


WordPress is comparatively easy if we talk about your content management, but building your website with WordPress is a little bit complicated.

Beginners will require some time to learn and use its interface. To make an extremely high-quality website, you need to have the right amount of knowledge and experience with it.


In contrast, building and running your website with Duda is straightforward and quick for everyone. It is easy for beginners in comparison to WordPress. It offers many built-in tools and a natural interface for easy setup.


Duda is the winner in providing ease of use to its customers.

Editors in Duda & WordPress:


wordpress vs duda website templates

Duda’s website editor has Drag-and-drop functionality with many advanced tools combined with it. It makes the editing of the website effortless and flexible.

Inside Duda, when you go to the “new section,” you will see a wide range of options like FAQs, testimonials, contact us, pricing plans, etc.

It makes the creation of your webpages easy and quick and allows you to customize your content with ease.

You can also add any number of widgets to your pages with just in few clicks, which includes some primary elements like icons, text, buttons, and titles and some more advanced features including maps, click-to-call, galleries, etc.


WordPress is limited. It does not have a drag-and-drop editor, and for previewing your page, you have to go to a separate tab.

Although you can use a visual editor with WordPress, you will need a plugin like Elementor for the same. And the problem is that installation of plugins is available only with Business and higher plans.


Duda wins this round with its super easy Drag-and-drop editor.

eCommerce Features of Duda & WordPress:


WordPress does not have in-built functions for eCommerce, but with the help of the WooCommerce plugin, you can quickly add eCommerce competence to your website.

It provides a user-friendly wizard and customization options according to your requirements and preferences.

Additionally, WooCommerce provides hundreds of plugins to expand the functionality of your online store further. You can also integrate any payment gateway with it.


online website builder

Duda provides built-in features for building an eCommerce site with its advanced plans, but the restriction is that you are limited in the use of payment gateways and the features you will get with Duda.


Naturally, WordPress wins here by providing a more comprehensive range of features for your online store.

Blogging in Duda & WordPress:

Whatever the type of your website, having a blog section adds extra sparks to it. It is a modern way to add more content to your site and rank high in the search engine results.


wordpress build blocks

WordPress was initially designed mainly as a blogging platform, so it inherently has focused tools for blogging. It makes implicit use of tags and categories to add to your blogs using the navigation menu.

Also, WordPress makes it easy for you to go back to a previous version of your post if you don’t like the current changes in your post and want to restore it.

It also offers the option of scheduling your posts for a future date.


Duda’s blogging capabilities are not as extensive as that of WordPress but are still usable. It provides a general layout for the blog posts, which is separate from your post content.

It also limits the visitor’s comment on your blog posts. Currently, only registered users with Facebook can comment via the Duda website builder.


WordPress is the clear winner here

Core and Value-added Features | Duda Vs WordPress:


Duda is packed with all the tools and features you require to set up your business website and start running, including tools like email campaign management and social media integration.

But the negative is that you are limited in what you get with Duda.

The value-added features that Duda provides consist of targeting a specific group of customers with customized pop-ups, newsletters, messages, etc. It supports over 55 languages for your websites.

You can add tooltips to your images, import content from an existing website, and can take automatic backups of your data.


WordPress begins with primary features for blogging and allows you to expand your website’s capabilities using thousands of free and paid plugins available through third-party vendors.

The good point here is that there is no limit on these plugins’ additions; you can add as many as you want.

WordPress’s value-added features are targeting a repeated visitor on your site, support for over 70 languages, custom URL format, site export, easy comment management, etc.


There is a tie, in the case of features, as they both have some pros and cons.

Value and Pricing of Duda Vs WordPress:


Duda is a paid software service providing tools for website building and hosting. It has three paid plans with one custom plan available.

duda vs wordpress- duda pricing plans

  • Basic – $19/month
  • Team – $29/month
  • Agency – $59/month
  • Custom – offers discounted prices based on the needs and required features of the website.


WordPress is a free and open-source platform with high scalability. It has four plans along with a free plan:

duda vs wordpress pricing

  • Personal – $4/month
  • Premium – $8/month
  • Business – $25/month
  • eCommerce – $45/month


Both of them offer a lot of features in terms of value. WordPress has an extensive list of always-growing plugins, while Duda has state-of-the-art features that are a part of its paid platform.

In comparison to Duda, WordPress is more affordable. So WordPress is the winner here.

Customer Support for Duda & WordPress:


As WordPress is open-source software, it is not that famous for its customer support system.

However, it provides many resources for its customers, like support pages and discussion forums. But it lacks chat support directly.

However, you can find support from the developers of many WordPress products. Many guides are also available online to help you out at any point in your website’s development.


Duda is closed-source software, it provides a dedicated support team for its customers that offers email and live chat support.

Additionally, they provide other resources like webinars, workshops, guides, and forums to support their customers.


Both Duda and WordPress offer support using different ways. Duda offers it directly, while WordPress offers it through the developers of their plugins and themes.

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FAQs | Duda Vs WordPress Comparision

🤷‍♂️ What is a Duda?

Duda is a leading web design platform for web professionals and agencies of all sizes, with powerful team collaboration and client management tools for building and managing websites at scale.

👉 Is Duda any good?

Duda may not be the best website builder out there, but it's still a solid choice – especially if you're a freelancer or agency looking to build multiple sites quickly and easily. It's pretty unique in its client management features, helping you to create a professional service. Where Duda really shines is its designs.

🙋‍♀️ Who uses Duda?

Duda is most often used by companies with 10-50 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue.

🤔 What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is a web publishing software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It just may be the easiest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners.

🤷‍♂️ Is WordPress for free?

WordPress is released under the GNU General Public License (or GPL), which means anyone can download, edit, customize, use, and even sell the code as long as they release it under the GPL license. The software itself is free but you might end up paying for: Hosting. Premium support.

Conclusion | Duda Vs WordPress Comparision

In this comparison of Duda Vs WordPress, clearly, Duda is the winner as it is affordable, highly scalable, and much more flexible.

But it does not make WordPress any less worthy of using it as your website builder.

In the end, the decision depends on your business requirements, how you want your website to handle different things.

Suppose you have no time for single-handedly watching over every aspect of your website, In that case, you can go for Duda, as it provides some highly efficient out-of-the-box features like content importing, a drag-and-drop editor that you will not get with WordPress.

However, if you want your website’s each element to be fully customized or just want a simple blogging site without any advanced features and functionalities, then you can go for WordPress.

That’s all about WordPress vs Duda.

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  6. Duda has heavenly client care with various instructional exercises and video guides.
    It is free and open-source; numerous enormous organizations have trust in it.
    Doesn’t need a lot of coding abilities.

    Duda’s Agency plan is not only of great value, but it also includes a lot of great features that are not available on most other platforms. If you’re looking for a great platform with great value, Duda is the way to go!

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    DUDA is an easy way for anyone to build their own website in no time at all without any technical skills or coding knowledge required, even if you’re not tech-savvy! With DUDA’s drag and drop interface, building your new web page has never been easier!

  8. What I love the most about Duda is what amount is offered at the cost. The vast majority of my customer base are either individual, solopreneur types simply beginning with making their side hustle into something more suitable or independent ventures and associations with restricted assets and over-extended representatives. In case you’re similar to most private ventures that don’t have the assets or time to recruit a computerized/web subject matter expert or figure out how to construct and deal with a site or the wide range of various “digisphere” projects that are commonly needed for working a business in 2021 (I.e., things like SEO, content system and creation and so on – Duda simply bodes well.

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    I’ve been using Duda and it’s been a great experience, I highly recommend using it.

  10. There are many advantages to using Duda like one of the benefits of Duda is its integrations. First, Duda offers hosting on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which can be both a pro and a con depending on where you fall on Amazon.

    The pros are that your site can and will still go down, but if you’re down, then big brands like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Reddit, etc. are down too… which means whatever is causing the downtime is likely to be fixed very quickly.

  11. There are some drawbacks to Duda like I have encountered some trouble revising errors when I am altering my sites. I’m not generally able to get back to the first alter when utilizing their “undo” button. Additionally, it would likewise be decent if Duda had more integrations/applications for booking appointments.

  12. The only genuine drawback I’ve arrived with Duda is that it’s actually ailing in the measure of design control and adaptability provided. I’m predominantly considering flexbox control and other animated components or highlights when I say that.

  13. Duda shares a lot of its benefits with other industry giants – that’s exactly what makes the builder viable. And – naturally – one of the main of these benefits is the drag-and-drop builder interface.
    Undoubtedly, this is going to be one of the main points referenced by the vast majority of duda users. It allows you to select and element from the main menu, and simply drag and drop it anywhere on your website. There’s no difficult coding or other technical work involved – it’s as easy as it sounds.
    This makes it very easy to use, give it out a try and surely you will not regret it!

  14. Duda is a very interesting website builder. It’s rather unique in how the company positions itself on the market after using it I liked these features:
    Things we liked:
    + Drag-and-drop editor
    + Modern and responsive templates
    + Free trial
    It also comes with a free SSL certificate (once you start paying for your plan)

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